Book Publishing

"The way to gain a good reputation

is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”

― Socrates

Reviews from a few of our favorite people.

My thanks go out to my publisher Beth Farrell and her team who believed in me and liked what I did. Without them, this book would have never been published.

—Ute Frietag

Central Okanagan Hospice Assoc.

Author of It Is What It Is


Beth Farrell, Sea Script Company, took this dream and made it a reality that I am so proud of.

—Rick Grayson

PGA National Jr. Golf Leader

Author of Inspire Junior Golf


I worked with Sea Script to help produce Savour Whistler, the 2010 Olympic cookbook used successfully for tourism promotion for the Olympics and Whistler as a destination, highlighting the resort’s many culinary masters. It was a beautifully produced book that I have been asked about again and again.

—Dee Raffo

Copywriter/Content Designer


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Beth on nearly half-a-dozen book projects on behalf of my clients and every project has gone smoothly. The finished books have been extremely well received by the public and authors. Her immense background in publishing allows her to identify outstanding options for artwork, design and printing that other similar publishers I’ve worked with simply couldn’t deliver. If you are looking to self publish, call Beth first. It’s the only call you’ll have to make.

—Lorin Anderson


Proponent Group, Florida


Sea Script Company has helped me publish four books and I’m pleased with each of them. Sea Script is excellent at book design and layout and produces a masterful product. She is great to work with because she believes in my writing and does her best to make it look great.

—Mic Lowther

Author of Taking the Long Way Home,

Walking North, Manford of Morning Glory Mountain (Books 1 and 2)


Beth Farrell went above and beyond her role as a publisher by indicating that every request, idea, and creative touch that I considered was valued and, if at all possible, was incorporated into the book layout and design. Beth’s commitment to quality and service is beyond compare.

—Rick Jensen

Sport Psychologist

Titleist Spokesperson

Author of Drive to the Top and Easier Said Than Done


Beth Farrell, Sea Script Company, without whose wisdom and support this book would never have seen daylight. Thank you so much for your expertise.

—Claude Brousseau

PGA Master/Golf Channel

Author of Realize Your Golfing Potential


I want to thank Beth Farrell, Sea Script Company, for helping me work this book through to its completion. It was a big task and her vision kept it moving forward.

—Missie Berteotti

Financial Advisor, Luttner Financial Group

Author of The Mental Mastery Program


I owe tremendous gratitude to my publisher, Beth Farrell. She believed in the importance of my message and stuck with me along the way to make the book the best that it can be.

—Gerry Maddox, MD, Cardiologist

Author of Your Heart, Treat It Like You Love It and

50 to 60, Now What?