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“You can't blend in when you're born to stand out.”

― Ryan Buchanan

A Whole New Way to Market Your Book

Look inside:


Sea Script Company is proud to offer our latest addition—a Flip Book for authors (and publishers) to use as an interactive marketing tool for your book. It's the perfect way to get the word out about your fiction or non-fiction book whether you published with Sea Script, with another publisher or on your own.


Stand out from the rest. Give viewers something more than just a one-dimensional image of your book and a few lines trying to explain it.


Give viewers an interactive experience

by taking "Look inside" to a new level.


Never before has it been this easy to market your book!


*If you're an artist, Flip Book can be used to catalogue your art, announce upcoming exhibitions and events, as well as sell your work.

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Look inside:

Flip Book! features: u "Look Inside" - Notice the difference between our Flip Books and other places that offer a "Look Inside" view of your book. A sampling of your book should be a beautiful representation of your work. u Sample pages - Includes up to 40 sample pages of your book. u Audio - Viewers can listen to you reading a chapter of your book or being interviewed on the radio or giving a dynamite presentation or being praised by a reviewer for writing such an awesome book. u Video - Viewers can watch that interview you gave on TV or the YouTube video you recorded showing how to do it or the workshop you offered last month at that retreat. u Upcoming events - Announcements of author readings, presentations, media appearances and workshops can be featured in your Flip Book. u Point of Sale - Viewers click to order your book from online retailers or your e-commerce page, or to contact you about being a guest speaker or to request you do a book reading. You're not just selling your book, you're selling your business expertise and/or yourself as an accomplished author.

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Email - Link your Flip Book to your book image in your email signature.


Social media - Link to all your social media.


Share - The Share Button allows you to share whenever and with whomever you choose, on whatever platform you choose—iphone, android, tablet, computer. Viewers can share, as well.


Notes - Use the Annotation Button to point out something you want viewers to see.


Internet searches - We provide your Flip Book metadata to the internet so that your book information is available through internet searches.

Each Flip Book is custom created, hosted on a server, and metadata-managed making your book's information current and available to search engines everywhere. Because it's always live, new events and information can be added throughout the year.


Custom Flip Books starting at $550.00.



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